Friday, August 24, 2007

The roomies

The roomies have been very good this week. I did have to take Goobie to the vet for an URI. Peter went along for moral support. Goobie was calm with him there.

My foster Tippy is still very shy but such a cutie. Another victim of the "mommy, daddy I want that cute Easter bunny in the petstore" syndrome. At least we saved this one. The SPCA shelter was going to put him and two others down due to lack of space. Not that the rescue had that much space either but it was worth it. One is due to go to her new home in NH.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dance of Life

The little rabbit stood alone, watching the other rabbits around hop and skip in the forest. They were playing her favourite rabbit game. Try as she might, each time she attempted to join in, she tripped about awkwardly. When this happened, the other rabbits laughed at her and called her "Grace". Soon even she forgot her real name. In moments when Grace was alone, she danced around the trees with ease. She was as smooth and graceful as any ballerina. An old owl sat high above her one night, watching her intently. The moonlight streamed through the treetops like a soft spotlight and he sat and watched as little Grace moved in and out of the moonbeams. Finally he said, "Grace, you are more graceful than any creature I've ever seen". Grace was startled that someone had been watching her, but listened carefully to the wise owl's words as he continued. "You have carried this beauty within you all this time, but locked it inside when you tried too hard". Often we are too intent on proving ourselves and pleasing others. The harder we try the more impossible the task becomes. We begin to lose our identity and all sense of who we really are and what we can do. Then come the power robbers who through negative talk, remarks and jibes would rather have us believe that we cannot. Some of us may be fortunate to run into those like the old owl, the power enablers and facilitators, who bring back to us a sense of who we really are and what we are really meant to be. They help us see the beauty that is locked away inside, the potential that we all have. Others finally realise that they have two friends who can always be counted on. The first, themselves, and the second, nature, which never calls us names or whispers behind our backs. We come to a point when we begin to be honest with ourselves. We see the truth that we are all creatures of our times, that imperfections and faults are part of every being's life tapestry and that all elements are woven into our lives, some frozen in time, others still open to inside work and shaping out. Then in a moment of great discovery we embrace all that is part of ourselves. Like the rabbit we learn to dance and celebrate our wholeness. We become less obsessed with the scorn that can be heaped on us by others. The negative is drowned by positive images. We realise like the rabbit that nature is our friend. Nature waits patiently. There is no pressure to be anyone else than who we already are. We relearn the dance of life. All the while we have just tried too hard. Grace is not some sophisticated word used only for artists or models on a catwalk. It is the ability to live life on one's own terms, the ability to kindle true life in others, the strength and courage to overcome those who would control and manipulate us. Sometimes grace in living comes after repeated failures. The rabbit Grace picked herself up when she came to a sense of her true self. Many walk through your life, but few leave footprints on your heart. Take long spells of rest in nature. Become like Grace the rabbit who found that she had an identity of her own, so precious, that she had to first discover it by herself. And then when you discover your true identity and your own voice, become a power broker in this world, for gentleness and understanding.

Different day, TGIF

The roomies will be let out tonight. The human isn't grumpy today. I hate keeping them in but I think they sensed I was not in the mood. I gave them some apple for a treat last night. They really liked that.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family history

Here are some good free sites for genealogy research:

Not in the mood

Sorry roomies. I'm just not in the mood to let you guys out tonight. After this morning's incident with Goobie I just think it is better to keep everyone in tonight. Your human is in a foul mood. I just want you guys to be safe. I would never want to inflict harm on any of you.
Again, I'm sorry. I will make it up to you this weekend. Be safe my friends. This too will pass.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Started the morning with a visit to the Petsmart in Deptford. We had heard that they were selling rabbits. No rabbits.

At least Petsmart isn't selling rabbits in any of stores in South Jersey for now.

Of course my Focus started acting up big time. I was praying I would not stall out. The dealership told me that it was fixed. Right.

The rescue had an adoption event today. Got to see little Randi the mini-lop go to her forever home today. I drove about two hours to Randolph to pick her up from the Randolph city pound. I knew she would not be in the rescue too long. People seemed nice and had rabbits before. They liked the name I gave her. Good luck Randi.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My bad. Double post. I blame Tippy my foster for that. He is a little rascal.

Here is the link to the rabbit rescue I volunteer for.

The crazy hopping roomies

Hello from beautiful central New Jersey. My name is Paula and here are my crazy hopping roommates. They are Smitten and her bonded partner Sawyer, Pete, the lop and Goobie.

All are rescues. Smitten and Pete came from For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue. Goobie came from Jersey Shore Shelter in Brick. Sawyer was given to me. Smitten and Goobie were found as strays. Peter was left at the shelter (the same one where I got Goobie). Sawyer's original owner tried to return him to the pet store where she got him. A friend took him but he wasn't able to really spend the time to take care of him.

More about me and the roomies later.