Monday, June 30, 2008

Least we forget...

Archie was just another cast off stray pet in a noisy overcrowded animal shelter. She also was a mother rabbit protecting her newborn babies. Saturday morning a shelter worker was cleaning the cage and moved Archie's babies. She bit the shelter worker. Their lives were ended that morning.

This incident made me sick. I have taken action to make sure that this is less likely to happen again. I can't say it won't happen again but with some education it will decrease the chances that another rabbit or any other animal for that matter will not meet Archie's fate.

And Archie is just not another pet discarded by humans. Her voice will be heard.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And so it goes...

And so did the job after a week and a half. Budget cuts. Why did the heck did they hire me then? Back on unemployment for me.


Woody is very sweet. He was having a grand time hopping around the house today.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life and such and all that

Life can throw you a breaking ball that breaks at the last moment down at your knees making you swing and miss. And, sometimes it is a 95 mile an hour fast ball at your head. I think had both in the last two months.

Okay I lost my job. Now I have a new job after a nail bitting six weeks. I wasn't sure if I could keep my condo. Anyway, I think things are on the upswing. Job starts tomorrow. Now I have to get used to getting up early again. Should be interesting.

Peter my lop passed away due to an infection. He had a jaw abscess. I really thought he would pull through.

Smitten may have the early signs of E. Cuniculi. At least she has some of the symptoms. Great!

Abner moved on to his furever home with a nice young woman. She absolutely adores him and him her.

And, it looks like Monty may be going to his forever home as well. I actually considered adopting him. He's been here eight months. I'm really going to miss him.

I adopted Woody, the rabbit formerly known as Coco, from a shelter yesterday. He is a very handsome mini-lop. Boyfriend does needs to be neutered.

So that is my life. Any questions? I have too many. And not many answers.