Friday, July 25, 2008

Not Lost

I haven't forgotten about Archie and her babies. I did rescue her friend Jordy. He is with another foster.

I also recently bailed out 11 others from the same shelter. There were six young rabbits, four are lop mixes and two white New Zealands. There was a young Californian male. I have two Dutch girls (probably sisters), a Silver Marten female and an English Spot male.

The Dutch sisters I named Claire and Gracie. The Silver Marten is named Marti and the Charlie is the English Spot. Charlie was neutered a week ago. Claire and Marti will be spayed within the next week or so. Gracie was very underweight when I got her and she has coccidia (a parasite). She also had a leg injury. She has put on weight and her leg is better.